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Welcome to Sojourn Academy!

Sojourn Academy is a bilingual, international Christian school associated with the Spanish Language Institute. It uses a Christ-centered, North American curriculum from kindergarten through twelfth grade, along with a Costa Rican preschool program for children aged 3 ½ to 5. Sojourn also provides for community students a complete program approved by the Costa Rican ministry of education.

Current enrollment is approximately 147 students. About 30% are missionary children whose parents are enrolled in a one-year program of language study at the Spanish Language Institute. The other 70% are children of Costa Rican parents, missionaries and other ex-patriots who live permanently in Costa Rica.

Sojourn Academy has a Christian and missionary ethos, as reflected in its values, curriculum, faculty, celebrations, affiliations, community outreach and classroom instruction. Bible study, sacred music, prayer, devotionals and chapel sessions are an integral part of the weekly schedule.

Out of respect for our host country and the national families that attend the school, Sojourn students honor the Costa Rican flag and celebrate Costa Rican holidays. In accordance with Costa Rican custom, the school also holds graduation ceremonies for kindergarten and sixth grade, as well as twelfth grade.


The academic program is designed to prepare students for admission into colleges and universities in the United States and aims to fulfill curriculum standards established by the State of Indiana.

Partial List of Universities Attended by Sojourn Academy Graduates


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