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I attended ILE in 2021 to gain the immersion aspect of my language learning process. As a Spanish Education major, I was able to not only take classes to put towards my degree, but also get involved in Sojourn Academy to gain experience in the education field. Everyone on campus is wonderful. I met so many incredible people who have a life set on God: my teachers, those I helped teach alongside, and the students and staff at ILE and Sojourn. To top it off, my incredible Tica mom opened her home to me and my two roommates and made us feel at home each and every day. It's hard for me to put into words how life changing my experience at ILE was. However, I will always encourage everyone I meet to go and experience what a gift ILE is.

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Learning Spanish has been a lifelong goal and dream of mine. I have loved this language and culture since high school. Since being with ILE and taking classes online, I have grown so much in my confidence to actually speak with the families of my students. Taking time to learn Spanish allows me to connect with my students and their families in ways like never before. It has allowed the families to have direct access to me without having to find a translator to have a simple conversation.

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