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Traditional program (one year)

A four-month, 3-term learning experience where students are immersed in the culture while attending 4 hours of classes taught by experienced teachers and native speakers.
After your time at ILE, you will have experienced Costa Rican culture and improved your Spanish communication skills.


This course is for people interested in improving their communication skills in Spanish and who can spend 4-8 weeks living in Costa Rica.
During your stay, you will receive 3 hours of language classes per day, where you will improve your grammar and conversation skills.

Personalized One-on-One Courses

This course will be adapted to your current level of Spanish and will be designed according to your linguistic needs and objectives. It can be taken in person at our campus in Costa Rica or virtually, at a pace that best suits you. The student can choose the number of hours per week and the duration of the course. Advanced students may choose to focus on Spanish for specific purposes, such as Spanish for healthcare professionals, Spanish for business, Spanish for Christian ministries, etc.




Our Summester program is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your summer by coming to Costa Rica to improve your Spanish skills. Come alone, with your friends or with your whole family. We also offer a Spanish summer camp for school-age students that coincides with Summester dates so entire families can spend the summer learning together.

Spanish for Health care

Caring for and evaluating Spanish-speaking patients independently by taking this course. Learn Spanish terminology for anatomy, diseases, medications, treatments and more. At the same time, work on improving your Spanish grammar and communication skills throughout the course.

Minimum level of Spanish required: Intermediate low.

Biblical Spanish

Focus on acquiring biblical and theological terminology so you can pray, lead Bible studies, and share the Gospel in Spanish.

Minimum level of Spanish required: Intermediate low.

Spanish for Business

By taking our Spanish for Business course, you will learn Spanish terminology applied to different areas of business such as marketing, accounting/finance, and human resources.

Minimum level of Spanish required: Intermediate Low.

Spanish for Educators

This course is for teachers who want to address the needs of their Spanish-speaking students and families. Learn how to give classroom instructions, discuss academic topics, and conduct parent-teacher conferences, including topics such as grades, learning needs, and behavior.

Minimum level of Spanish required: No minimum requirement.


Tutoring sessions are offered to our current students who wish to have additional practice time with a teacher or who want to reinforce what they have learned in class. Mentoring sessions can also be used to study specific areas of interest our students may have for their future ministry or career.


This course is designed for university students to make the most of the month of May, where there is the possibility of obtaining university credits for your Spanish studies at the ILE.


Learn English through the communicative method, 5 hours per week, in person or virtually.  Each module has a duration of 2 months.


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