What's it like to be a student at ILE?

Living with a host family

Singles and couples are offered and encouraged to live with a host family during their stay at the Institute. This housing option gives students a full perspective of culture, as well as a more in-depth language immersion experience. Host families cook all meals for their students, including a packed lunch if requested. Many of our families have been hosting for over fifteen years and are happy to help with homework, cultural questions, and other life experiences.

Daily Life

Unless students choose to add additional studies through tutoring, classes will be held either in the morning or afternoon, leaving the rest of the day to study, explore, and practice the Spanish language. 

Since we are located just outside of the center of San José, there is never a shortage of local things to do, both in our neighborhood and in the downtown sector. The city offers a variety of parks to explore, as well as fun stores, bakeries, and activities. 

In addition, many of our students like to volunteer with a wide variety of local organizations to give back to the community. Students can get connected through our staff or events like our volunteer fair.

On weeknights, we offer intramural sports for students and community members, allowing students to get connected in the community and have fun taking a break from their studies.

In addition, The Spanish Language Institute is located near many practical necessities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and bus stops.


Weekends are exciting times here at the Institute because not having classes means students have time to explore the beautiful country that is Costa Rica! Groups of students often plan "paseos" or "little trips" to see places such as Manuel Antonio Beach, Monteverde National Park, and La Paz Waterfall. If you are interested in exploring a place on your own, our staff is happy to assist in planning the best route to get there, and let you in on some greats spots you won't want to miss while you're there.


*Excursions are not included in tuition

The Spanish Language Institute

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Costa Rica Phone: 011-506-4036-4555

US Phone: 1-800-642-1375

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