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Admissions: Pre-Arrival Guide: What to Bring: Excess Baggage

As you decide what to bring, keep in mind that luggage costs leaving Costa Rica to other countries, (not the US) can be very high and you may be allowed only 40-50 lbs per person/per bag (depending on the carrier). Excess baggage is very expensive; however, it is relatively easy to sell any items you bring with you. Choose carefully what to bring with you based upon need and space available in your luggage.

Fellow students would have you keep the following in mind: Label everything in your containers, make a separate list for your files and take a picture of your luggage in case one is lost.

By the time you click on this option, you have probably already gone through the list of the other tabs within the What to Bring category, which provide great suggestions to keep in mind. You might wish to ask your Big Brother/Sister about any specific items you might want to bring. Remember many airlines have restrictions on excess baggage, especially during holidays and summer months.



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