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Admissions: Housing: Host Families

The Institute does not have housing facilities. Students live in neighborhood homes or rental properties.

If you are single or married without children, the Institute also gives you the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican family. This is one way to learn the culture, as well as Spanish.

The Institute maintains a database on available host families within a short radius of the Institute and makes recommendations on fair pricing.

Living arrangements with families can vary greatly in terms of the size of living quarters and amount of privacy.

Most houses are within 15 minutes walking-distance from the school and have constant supervision from the school through evaluations from previous students.

Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner); laundry service; cleaning once a week; and, Internet (WiFi) service will be provided.

Regarding hot water; hot water heaters are expensive, so generally the definition of “hot water” in a house means the house has cold water everywhere except the showers. A small electric heating device attached to the showerhead heats shower water.




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