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Academic: Spanish Learning Tips

Graciela's Famous Flashcards

Flashcards aren't really a revolutionary, cutting-edge idea, but they remain one of the best ways to really boost your vocabulary. And incidentally, one of the best ways to do it isn't to associate the Spanish word with the English word, but with the image or idea of what the word represents.

Graciela spent a LOT of time creating flash cards that are now famous among the students - partly because of her quizes, but mostly because nearly everyone has benefited from using them to learn new verbs. She's selected images for well over 300 commonly-used Spanish verbs.

Her flashcards are available to you through the Download Learning Tools, under Academic, in the navigation bar above. You can use them to print out and paste to notecards. Write the English translation on the back and quiz yourself. If you learn all these verbs your vocabulary will increase significantly.

TIP: Another great way to learn these verbs is to use your computer to cycle through them on slideshow mode and test yourself. Or, one super-awesome way is to put them on your iPod and then you have the whole batch with you to study wherever you go. For directions on how to do that, read the article below.


As mentioned above, flashcards are a great way to learn new vocabulary. Graciela has put together a great selection of over 300 frequently-used verbs. These verbs are posted in a format that you can use to test yourself on your computer, or by syncing them with your iPod.

Download and unzip the file somewhere on your computer, and if you want to test yourself on the verbs using the computer, just open one of the photos and then put the computer into slideshow mode. Click the Pause button, and then you can control the pace of the slideshow.

To use the flashcards on your iPod, simply unzip the file somewhere on your computer. When you plug in your iPod, click the iPod device in iTunes, and then click the Photos tab. You can then select a folder to sync with. Either select the folder with your iVerbos, or place the iVerbos folder in a place where it will sync with your iPod.

In a similar fashion, you can transfer them over to your tablet, too. (Or you can download them directly into your tablet by visiting the Site from your tablet and clicking on them to download.)



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