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Students in the classroom track receive four periods of class time per day (50 min. each). Listening, reading, written and oral exercises, role-plays, games, and oral presentations are some of the activities used in class. Those in the FARO track receive two hours of grammar classes per day, plus FARO meetings and activities. A person may change from one track to the other between trimesters, but not in the middle of the trimester.

Adjusted Course Loads

Recognizing that students come with a variety of personal needs and objectives, the Institute allows for some variation from the normal schedule and curriculum described above. These need to be discussed with the Academic Director personally.


A person may enter the Spanish Language Institute at the beginning of any of the three terms. The majority of the students are missionaries preparing for service in Spanish-speaking communities as church planters, pilots, nurses, seminary professors, administrators, etc.

Enrollment for the Regular Course is open to all evangelical missionaries whether affiliated with a sending agency or independent.

Non-missionary, or "special" students come with a full realization of the missionary nature and focus of the Spanish Language Institute and are expected to abide by the same high ethical and moral standards for which Institute students have been known through the years. Students must be 21 years of age and must include a letter of recommendation from their pastor with their application form.


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