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For students who are already very fluent in Spanish and wish to study more of the language, options include: Translation, Advanced Grammar, Public Speaking, Latin American Literature, Latin American Culture, or Creative Writing. Each of these courses, or a combination of two or more, will be tailored to the needs and interests of the students. A minimum of three students is needed to form a group.

SPAN 401 Latin American Culture

Concepts of culture (definition and cultural expressions); human behavior (concepts of reality, time and space, sex and gender, race and racism), cultural changes (adaptation, culture shock), and culture and society (social class, social stratification and how it applies to Latin America), to the end that students grow in God's love toward other cultures by means of practical activities and classroom discussion. This course may include field trips, in which case it would require a minimum of six students in the group.

SPAN 402 Community Service

Opportunities for hands-on participation in Costa Rican culture and society by means of volunteer service (six hours per week) to the community, under the supervision of Institute staff and an associated ministry. Active participation and written reports are required.

SPAN 403 Translation

This course aims at promoting awareness of the complexities involved in producing a translation that is faithful to the original and sensitive to the reader, or listener, of the target language. Students will be provided with written, oral and listening exercises that allow them to apply and practice the basic translation guidelines, principles and theoretical concepts they have studied.

SPAN 404 Latin American Literature

This course aims at enhancing comprehension skills and extending vocabulary. Students will be asked to read at home and also read out loud in class, discuss new vocabulary, and summarize what they read. Samples of poetry, short stories, novels and dramas will be chosen. Also, the student will learn to understand newspapers and current magazines.

SPAN 405 Creative Writing

This course aims to develop the writing skills, and also at perfecting the spelling of Spanish words. Students will learn and practice all the spelling rules. They will also learn to write different types of writings, such as memos, newspaper ads, comments, summaries, poetry, curriculums, and so forth.

SPAN 406 Spanish for Health Staff

This course aims to increase relevant vocabulary for students that are or will be involved in a medical career or service. It aims also at helping the communication skills of students through role - playing and reading.

SPAN 407 Spanish for Business Administration

This course aims to acquire vocabulary in this specific area. Students investigate, expose and discuss issues related to the world of business and business administration. They will also learn technological vocabulary and learn to write business documents in general.

SPAN 408 Spanish for “Second Career” Students

We now offer a customized language learning program for "second career" students who might be concerned that learning a language may not be as easy as it was back in college. This course aims to teach our students basic Spanish vocabulary and Grammar structure to help them communicate around the city and for use in every day life. Special learning methods and visual aids are used.

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