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Academic Director
Graciela Arguedas

I have a university degree in English Linguistics; a Master's in Education; and, specialization in the teaching of English as a Second Language. I have been a language teacher (of both English and Spanish) since 1988, and have been at The Spanish Language Institute since 2005.

I am known as a "teacher's teacher" and endeavor to use creative teaching methods, for which I enjoy the respect of colleagues and the admiration of students. I am committed to taking the Institute's academic program to a new level of excellence by strengthening conversation classes and encouraging teachers and students to utilize resources available through computer technology.

I am also passionate about passing on Costa Rican traditions to the younger generation and have been in charge of the Institute's folk dancing group for several years.

I have been a Christian since 1990 and have served in counseling and pastoral ministries with my husband, as well as being a Sunday school teacher and leader of women's groups. I have three children: Juan José, Priscilla and Felipe.

To contact me, simply select "Academic Director" in the To: field of the Contact Us form.


Sandra Sotela

I came to work at the Institute in September 1981. Since then, I started receiving training to teach Phonetics and Language. In 1988, I left the school to be at home as a full-time mom for a period of fourteen years.

In 2002, I came back and since then, I have been teaching Grammar and Language. During all this time, I have taken some courses at the University of Costa Rica and at the National University to learn how to better teach Spanish as a second language. In addition to this, there has also been constant training here at the Institute which has helped us to become better professionals.

My favorite pastimes are reading, walking, exercising.


Oscar Rodríguez

I have worked at the Institute since 2001 (with one brief interruption). I like working here because of the work environment and because I like to teach. At the Institute I have felt very blessed in my Christian life. Thank you.


Jonesí Guzmán

I have had the opportunity to work at the Institute several times since 2003: from March of 2003 until August of 2005; from September of 2007 through August of 2011; from January until August of 2013; and finally, from January of 2014 until now.

I studied Spanish Philology at the University of Costa Rica and have a Masters in teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

I have met a lot of wonderful and kind people at the Institute and have made great friends. I enjoy working with missionaries, since their motivation drives them to work hard and with great optimism. Working here has been a great blessing to me.

We, the teachers, are among the first with whom the students share their faith in a different language. Being part of that process, helping them reach the goal of expressing their faith in Spanish, has been a great opportunity to me to serve, to learn and to grow spiritually.

I enjoy reading, going to the movies, traveling and spending time with my husband and daughter during my free time.



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