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View of the oceanOpportunities for ministry in the local community abound in a variety of areas, such as: university students, youth programs, summer camps, child evangelism, children’s homes, day care centers, radio and television stations, film distribution, men’s and women’s prisons, street ministry, homes for the aged, teaching English as a second language and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Since many of these are ministries that Institute students and staff already participate in, it is easy for new students to become a part.

College Credit

Those who desire to receive college credit for volunteer service will be required to complete written assignments under the supervision of a teacher and will be charged an additional $100.

Ashley with a group of children

Ashley Orlando
(Class of ’06)

I attended the Institute in 2006 for a month when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica through the Latin America Studies Program (LASP) with Anthony Chamberlain.
My courses at the Institute were an invaluable help for me as I transitioned from learning Spanish in the classroom setting to speaking with native-speakers. I still remember many of the things I learned from those classes.



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