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View of the oceanThere are many options for traveling on the weekends or after classes.

The Student Council regularly organizes different tours around the country that all students are welcome to participate in. Some of the more popular destinations are: Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Café Britt coffee tour, Arenal Volcano and hot springs, Tortuguero canals, Monteverde bird sanctuary, Manual Antonio Beach, Limón and the Caribbean coast.

Students on a horseback riding excursion For students who would like to organize their own trip, our staff will be pleased to help with hotel, tour or car rental reservations and transportation arrangements. It is easy to go by public bus to most national parks. Bus schedules are posted on the Internet, and tickets may be purchased in advance at no extra cost.

Ashley with a group of children

Ashley Orlando
(Class of ’06)

I attended the Institute in 2006 for a month when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica through the Latin America Studies Program (LASP) with Anthony Chamberlain.
My courses at the Institute were an invaluable help for me as I transitioned from learning Spanish in the classroom setting to speaking with native-speakers. I still remember many of the things I learned from those classes.



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