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View of part of the Institute's campus from the Administration building's second floorThe Spanish Language Institute is located in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, a middle class residential area on the southeast edge of the capital city of San José.

The campus is situated on an attractive, sloping property with private homes around it and a view of velvet green mountains to the south. Its five buildings are spaced among pleasant lawns and gardens on the nearly two-acre campus.

Churches, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, gyms and a post office are within walking distance, and downtown San José is easily reached in 20 minutes by bus or 10 minutes by taxi.

Students will enjoy a Christian environment in a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere.

Ashley with a group of children

Ashley Orlando
(Class of ’06)

I attended the Institute in 2006 for a month when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica through the Latin America Studies Program (LASP) with Anthony Chamberlain.
My courses at the Institute were an invaluable help for me as I transitioned from learning Spanish in the classroom setting to speaking with native-speakers. I still remember many of the things I learned from those classes.



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