Admissions: Pre-Arrival Guide: What to Bring: Household Items & Foodstuff

Following are some of the things you should also keep in mind when preparing your luggage:

Household Items

You might like to consider bringing:

Kitchen Items


It is not necessary to bring any foodstuff, as there is a wide variety of U.S. products available. However, you may desire to bring some specialty items that may not be available or are expensive, such as: Salad dressing mixes; chili and taco mixes; dry soup mixes (limited supply available); special vitamins; certain spices; etc.

Vitamins are available but expensive.

Sweet and Low is available but contains aspartame. Splenda is also available.

Ashley with a group of children

Ashley Orlando
(Class of ’06)

I attended the Institute in 2006 for a month when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica through the Latin America Studies Program (LASP) with Anthony Chamberlain.
My courses at the Institute were an invaluable help for me as I transitioned from learning Spanish in the classroom setting to speaking with native-speakers. I still remember many of the things I learned from those classes.



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