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We understand that coming to the Spanish Language Institute to learn Spanish is more than just an academic experience for our students; it is also a part of each person’s spiritual journey and walk with Christ. We are excited to be a part of each student’s journey and we will continue to strive to provide an environment conducive to spiritual growth.

Three times a year the Institute invites a conference speaker to deliver a series of messages intended to encourage, strengthen and challenge students in their spiritual lives. Classes are shortened by five minutes each to allow more time for the morning meeting, and homework is not assigned.

An afternoon meeting is held from 3:15 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. During this time child care is provided for preschoolers, together with a special program for school-aged children that combines recreation and Bible learning.

Interested students are encouraged to visit personally with the speaker by inviting him or her to their home for a meal sometime during the week.

Melissa Wood with a group of children

Melissa Wood
(Class of '11)

These last nine months at the Institute have truly been nothing but a joyous experience. I came to the Institute with absolutely no Spanish background and will be graduating in December with the ability to not only speak, but to write and read in this beautiful language, as well. The faculty and teachers as a whole have such vision and passion to see the students succeed and take personal interest in seeing this come to pass. The atmosphere is a blessing to come to each day...and I thank God for the opportunity to study at a school that strives for excellence and to be surrounded by such positive influence pointing me towards Christ in my learning.



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