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The Big Brother program is available to new students preparing to enter the Regular Course to help you transition to Costa Rica as smoothly as possible.

Volunteer students serve as Big Brothers/Sisters for incoming students and families before their arrival to secure housing, provide general information about their coming, make all the arrival arrangements (pick you up at the airport), and help you get oriented to life in Costa Rica. However, it is up to you to work closely with this person in providing pertinent information about arrivals and needs. That means using one e-mail address and checking your e-mail at least every two days. The Big Brothers are volunteers and students just like you, but they have personal experience living in Costa Rica.

To help with housing, the Institute maintains a current database of houses, apartments, and rooms for rent within a short radius (approximately 15 minutes walking distance) of the Institute and makes recommendations on fair pricing.

Expenses incurred by the Big Brother (housing deposits, supplies, transportation, etc.), are deducted from the housing deposit collected at the time of application to the Institute. The unused portion of the deposit will be returned to you or applied as a credit to your tuition bill. It is imperative that we receive your registration and deposit as soon as possible, since you will not be assigned a Big Brother until the deposit has arrived.


Host Family Deposit Fee

For living with a Host Family


Houses & Apartment Deposit Fee *

For a single person; a couple;
or a family of up to 4


For a family of 5


For a family of 6 or more



* This deposit fee is for your in-country expenses. Any monies left over will be returned to you.

Please note that all students who benefit from the Big Brother Program are required to return the service to incoming students in following trimesters.

To request the help of a Big Brother when applying online, click on the appropriate option under Housing in the Regular Course Pre-Application Form; and don't forget to fill in and submit the Big Brother Form soon thereafter.

If you do not have your arrival information at the time you send in the Big Brother Form; make sure to call or email with the details as soon as you have secured a flight schedule, so there will be enough time to arrange transportation to and from the airport.

We will not guarantee the service of a Big Brother/Sister if your registration does not arrive by the deadline established for each trimester. If you think your information will arrive late and you wish to participate in the Big Brother Program, please telephone or fax the Institute to make the necessary arrangements.

Melissa Wood with a group of children

Melissa Wood
(Class of '11)

These last nine months at the Institute have truly been nothing but a joyous experience. I came to the Institute with absolutely no Spanish background and will be graduating in December with the ability to not only speak, but to write and read in this beautiful language, as well. The faculty and teachers as a whole have such vision and passion to see the students succeed and take personal interest in seeing this come to pass. The atmosphere is a blessing to come to each day...and I thank God for the opportunity to study at a school that strives for excellence and to be surrounded by such positive influence pointing me towards Christ in my learning.



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