Academic: Tutoring

Tutoring is offered to a person who, for some reason, does not fit into the regularly scheduled courses. A schedule of dates and times will be agreed upon before classes start. Any change in the agreed-upon schedule must be arranged through the Academic Director, subject to her approval.

Individual attention will be offered for a minimum of two weeks of classes.

The minimum number of Session hours per week is three. Session hours are defined in the Fees chart below.

Classes scheduled will be offered based on space availability, meaning that although most of them will be held in the afternoon after 12:00, some may be scheduled in the morning. If you are a Regular Course student, your regular classes will be held in the morning and your tutoring will be given in the afternoon.

Content depends upon the need/wishes of the individual.

The cost is defined in the Fees chart, below.

Fees paid in Costa Rica must be paid with cash or a check drawn on a U.S. or Costa Rican bank.

For singles or couples without children; if you desire, and so indicate on your application, we can assist you in obtaining housing with a Costa Rican family for the time you are here. Housing with a family includes room and board (3 meals daily) plus washing and ironing, except on Sundays. We anticipate the cost will be approximately $15 per day, per person, to be paid directly to the host family upon arrival for the number of days agreed upon.

For families; if you so desire, and so indicate on your application, we can assist you in obtaining housing (renting an apartment or a house).

Transportation from the airport will cost anywhere between $40 - $60 extra dollars.

Because of the missionary nature of the Spanish Language Institute, students enrolled in Tutoring are expected to abide by the same high ethical and moral standards for which Institute students have been known throughout the years. Please send a letter of reference from your pastor shortly after applying online; and the pre-registration deposit of US$10.


The Foster Family

Brian & Stephanie Foster
(Class of '10)

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing faculty, staff and administration at The Spanish Language Institute! The teachers were able to accommodate our personal learning styles as well as to ease us into the full immersion of living in Costa Rica. The staff and administration were always warm and kind and they always had encouraging words for us. They genuinely cared about our family and always wanted to make sure that we were doing well in all areas of our life here. We entered the institute with no Spanish and we are leaving with a solid foundation of understanding, speaking, and writing the language. We also gained the invaluable cultural experience of living in such a beautiful country!



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