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Many students have received college credit for studies completed at the Spanish Language Institute. You will need to give your university a copy of your transcript and a description of the courses that you took. Both of these can be obtained from the Institute’s Academic Director’s Assistant. To request your transcript, simply choose "Transcripts" in the To: field of our Contact Us form. (Transcripts cost $10.)

If at all possible, check with your university’s Spanish department chairperson before coming to the Institute. If they have any questions about the program, invite them to contact the Institute’s Academic Director, who will be happy to respond, through our Contact Us form (choose "Academic Director" in the To: field).


The Foster Family

Brian & Stephanie Foster
(Class of '10)

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing faculty, staff and administration at The Spanish Language Institute! The teachers were able to accommodate our personal learning styles as well as to ease us into the full immersion of living in Costa Rica. The staff and administration were always warm and kind and they always had encouraging words for us. They genuinely cared about our family and always wanted to make sure that we were doing well in all areas of our life here. We entered the institute with no Spanish and we are leaving with a solid foundation of understanding, speaking, and writing the language. We also gained the invaluable cultural experience of living in such a beautiful country!



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