Academic: Excellence

Whether you are learning Spanish as a missionary, businessperson, or for college credit, you will find our Spanish courses to be of the highest standards. For over 70 years, we have been known for the excellence of our teaching and our understanding of the academic needs of our students.

All of our trained Spanish instructors have experience in teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages. Our courses are well-rounded with an emphasis on grammar, phonetics and practical conversation. Students are taught communication through reading, writing and speaking Spanish.

Not only do our Spanish instructors teach with the highest quality, they also make the classroom learning experience enjoyable by incorporating activities, conversations and themes that are relevant to their students. With the advantage of small class sizes and the availability of one-on-one tutoring, students are given personal attention and have the opportunity to excel at learning. We also understand that every student learns differently, so we strive to accommodate different learning styles. Each student is personally assessed when he or she arrives at the Institute, and is placed in the appropriate class for his or her level of Spanish.

We welcome students of every level of Spanish learning, from those who have no knowledge of the Spanish language to those who speak at an advanced level—we have courses to suit a variety of students and our administration works closely with our teachers to ensure that each student is receiving the best instruction and attention for his or her needs. Our goal is to send our students out confidently able to communicate in the Spanish language, and with an academic experience second to none.

Intensive Course

The Institute offers the Intensive Course for different periods of time (4 to 8 weeks) throughout the year. The program is intended to expose students to a large amount of material without expecting complete mastery. Students in the Intensive Course enjoy experiencing a new culture and progressing in their language learning at a relaxed pace.

Learn more about our Intensive Course here.


We recommend individual attention for students who have limited time to invest in language learning or who have difficulty in a group setting. One-on-one can be combined with the FARO program and is available at any time throughout the year, excluding trimester breaks and holidays.

Learn more about our One-on-One here.

Regular Course

If you need a solid Spanish program that will prepare you for work or ministry in the language, then this the program for you! The entire course lasts a full year, after which most students achieve an advanced speaking level. If you are already partially fluent, you may need less time.

Learn more about our Regular Course here.

The Foster Family

Brian & Stephanie Foster
(Class of '10)

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing faculty, staff and administration at The Spanish Language Institute! The teachers were able to accommodate our personal learning styles as well as to ease us into the full immersion of living in Costa Rica. The staff and administration were always warm and kind and they always had encouraging words for us. They genuinely cared about our family and always wanted to make sure that we were doing well in all areas of our life here. We entered the institute with no Spanish and we are leaving with a solid foundation of understanding, speaking, and writing the language. We also gained the invaluable cultural experience of living in such a beautiful country!



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