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The Institute offers its services to Christian colleges and universities who are looking for a program that is strong in both academics and hands-on ministry. At the Spanish Language Institute, college students receive outstanding instruction from native speakers who are experienced in helping career missionaries achieve the language proficiency they need to be effective in ministry. At the same time, students have the opportunity to live in a middle class, Costa Rican home and do volunteer service, twice a week, in a ministry to poor families.

The college program is not all work and study, however. There is ample opportunity for students to enjoy social and recreational activities and to get out of the city and experience the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Costa Rica, a Central American country known for its public policy and private efforts to promote environmental awareness and responsibility.

To set up a program for your university, please use our Contact Us form to contact the Academic Director (choose "Academic Director" in the To: field), who will endeavor to put together a program designed to meet your students’ particular needs. Click here to review the course descriptions.

The Foster Family

Brian & Stephanie Foster
(Class of '10)

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing faculty, staff and administration at The Spanish Language Institute! The teachers were able to accommodate our personal learning styles as well as to ease us into the full immersion of living in Costa Rica. The staff and administration were always warm and kind and they always had encouraging words for us. They genuinely cared about our family and always wanted to make sure that we were doing well in all areas of our life here. We entered the institute with no Spanish and we are leaving with a solid foundation of understanding, speaking, and writing the language. We also gained the invaluable cultural experience of living in such a beautiful country!



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